Previous Goal
All Work and No Play


Following Goal
Dependent on progress.


A Meeting
Task Talk to (Friendly Actor) at Wasted


Friendly Actor calls and wants you to meet them at Wasted. If they don't call you, you can just enter Wasted and they will be inside.

networkBlueStar: While you talk to them, they will thank you for doing the commercial and how they need to concentrate on their TV career. You will receive BlueStar10 towards their costar level.

flirtHeart: While you talk to them, they mention that their love life is having issues, but seem to be infatuated with you. You may either leave them or flirt with them. It is not mandatory to flirt with them.

If you Heartflirt with them, this will trigger an hour long date. If you leave before the time limit has ended, it will automatically end your date.

When leaving Wasted, Chet McQueen, will be outside wanting photographs.

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