This goal follows It's all Thurgood.

People Involved


Film Acting Out.

After filming, you will have an interview at The Late Night Show with Ray Powers.


Acting Out
(Property of Supercool Studio)

Line 1: If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong!

Line 2: If I can't be famous, I'll be INFAMOUS!

Time Limit: Time1 12 Hours
Genre: Comedic Comedy
Energy Cost: Energy 250
Blue Stars: BlueStar 190

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene Energy 1 Cash 5 None
slapstick humor Energy1 Cash 5 XP 1 Comedic Comedic
check the gate Energy 1 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 10 Professional Professional
perfect comedic timing Energy 2 XP 3 BlueStar 1 Comedic Comedic
lighting check Energy 2 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 2 TV Tech TV Tech
review last take Energy 2 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 2 Film Tech Film Tech
wardrobe change Energy 3 Cash 5 XP 2 BlueStar 3 The Look The Look
take one Energy 3 Cash 10 XP 1 BlueStar 1 None
check makeup Energy 4 Cash 15 XP 1 BlueStar 4 Vanity Vanity
take two Energy 5 Cash 10 XP 2 BlueStar 3 None
do a scene together Energy 5 Cash 10 XP 4 BlueStar 6 Energy 1 None
take three Energy 7 Cash 15 XP 3 BlueStar 6 Professional Professional
throw tantrum Energy 8 XP 10 BlueStar 5 Dramatic Dramatic
hold in laughter Energy 12 Cash 30 XP 2 BlueStar 7 Comedic Comedic

That's a Wrap!
Acting Out will premiere in 12:00:00.

5Stars: Cash+4054 XP+150

Goal Reward

Cash+148 XP+34

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