Chaz Palmer
Gender Male
List A-ListA-List
Occupation Private Detective

Chaz Palmer comes onto the scene as part of Private Eye.

Background Trivia

Chaz Palmer is a private detective and owns a detective agency. He is friends with Charlene.

Related Goals


Private Eye
(Your Name), I understand you have a little problem.

Speech Yes.

Well, you should know I don't just take on any client. I'm only here because Charlene is a friend.
Speech Okay.

So someone out there is claiming you married them and now they're threatening to go to the press. Normally these people are just trying to get some piece of the limelight for themselves. But I find everyone has a secret they don't want revealed. If I find their secret I can usually keep them quiet.
Speech Great.

But first you have to convince me to help you.
1. Speech (Hire) Cash1000
2. Speech (Ask nicely)

1. Okay, I'll take the case.
Speech Thanks.

2. I'll tell you what. I'm making an ad for my detective agency, if you appear in the commercial I'll take on your case for half price.
a. Speech Deal. Cash500
b. Speech (Come back later)

a. Great, I'll call your agent when we're ready.
I. Speech Start filming now! Star16
II. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

The Scoop
(Your Name), I've got some news on your case.

Speech What?

I don't want to tell you over the phone. Why don't you come meet me.
Speech Okay.

I'll be waiting at Wasted. Come alone.
Speech Okay.

at Wasted
So (Your Name), I've been doing a little digging on this Rick/Martha Graves character...
Speech And?

Well, let's just say he/she ain't no saint. In fact, Rick/Martha Graves isn't even his/her real name. I have a folder an inch on him/her, he/she's wanted all up and down the coast for everything from selling counterfeit handbags to suspected dog-napping. The question now is, what do you want to do with this information?
Speech What?

Well, the way I see it, either you keep this information to yourself and use it if you have to or... ...leak it to the press and take him/her down that way. The choice is yours.
1. Speech (Keep it)
2. Speech (Leak it)

1. & 2. Okay, good luck with that.
Speech Thanks.

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