You can get Engaged once you reach a certain level of Relationship Points with your significant other.


You need to achieve Heart1250 Relationship Points to get engaged. Engagement is required in order to get Married

Note that you cannot get engaged to or marry a Game Center or Facebook friend. They must be characters that you have met in the game.




So, (Your Name), things are getting pretty serious between us.
Speech Yes...

And I've been thinking...
Speech Yes?

Will you marry me?
1. Speech Yes!
2. Speech No.

1. You've made me so happy!
Speech (Kiss.)


Engagement Rings

Each time you get engaged, you receive an Engagement Ring.  For Starlets, there are Five Engagement Rings to collect and for Stars there are Four to obtain. 


Style Cost Requirements
StarGoldRing Free Get Engaged One Time
StarBlackRing Free Get Engaged Two Times
StarBronzeRing Free Get Engaged Three Times
StarSilverRing Free Get Engaged Four Times


Style Cost Requirements
DiamondRing Free Get Engaged One Time
TurquoiseRing Free Get Engaged Two Times
SpinelRing Free Get Engaged Three Times
TanzaniteRing Free Get Engaged Four Times
TopazRing Free Get Engaged Five Times

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