F Lister
Gender Varies
List F-List F-List
Occupation Varies

The F Lister appears queuing outside The Black Widow in The Hills, as part of Widow Maker. You have the choice to let them in or leaving them to wait. Later, you have the option to pay their tab as part of Pay It Forward .

Their appearance, gender, name and occupation may vary from game to game.

Background Trivia

The F Lister is a regular person who hates the perks celebrities get.

Related Goals


Widow Maker
Oh, I see how it is! We "regular folk" have to wait in line while celebrities get to go right in?

1. Speech Come in with me!
2. Speech Have fun waiting!

1. Really? Hey... thanks!
Speech Any time.

After entering night club

1. Thanks for getting me in!
Speech No problem.

Pay It Forward
Hey! Thanks, again, for getting me in. I overheard what you two were talking about... I can help!

1. Speech How so? Energy7
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. I have a tab. It's $1000, but I'm a little short. If you can cover $300 of it... I'll say you covered the whole thing.

a. Speech (Cover remainder.) Cash300 +Cash40 XP114
b. Speech That's pricey...

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