Frederick J. Krueger
Gender Male
List B-List B-List
Occupation Director

Frederick J. Krueger was briefly introduced to Stardom: Hollywood as part of the Halloween EventFrederick had four horror films for you to complete within a deadline in order to win props to help you complete the Halloween achievements. By completing these limited time achievements you would be rewarded with special Halloween themed clothing.

Background Trivia

Frederick J. Krueger is married to Annabelle P. Wilkes and is a B-horror film maker.

Related Goals

Plan "B" Cabin in the Forest! Deadly Evil!
Almost the Last...! War of the Z!


Plan "B"
Good evening, (Your Name)! I'm glad my wife and I were able to convince your agent to get you to speak to us!

We're big fans, and if you can help us make our films, we'll gladly give you Halloween props along the way.
Speech Great!

You may have already noticed some props are more than others.

The skull prop is a rare prop, and if you can complete all 4 of our films we'll give you 55 skull props!

Your co-stars will be dressed in the various items you can win by collecting props - as are my wife and I!
Speech Okay.

So, our first film is called "Cabin in the Forest," and will start filming in 24 hours.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star 48
2. Speech (Wait 24 hrs.)

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