Gerard Mercer
Gerard Mercer
Gender Male
List D-List D-List
Occupation Writer

Gerard Mercer comes first comes onto the scene as part of Meet Gerard Mercer, where he has just got a movie deal for his Scarlet Avenger comics and wants you in his trilogy.

Gerard's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Gerard Mercer is a writer for The Scarlet Avenger comics.

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Meet Gerard Mercer
(Your Name)! Wow, it's really great to meet you. I'm a fan of your work. Hey, I'm sorry about meeting in a taco restaurant…

I've just been so busy meeting potential actors for The Scarlet Avenger, I've had no time to eat. You don't mind, do you?
1. Speech Not at all! Energy 10
2. Speech (Come back later.)

Great! I wanted to have a little chat with you to try and learn about you. Casting the right actor for the lead is really important to me…

What do you think is the defining character trait a hero must have?
1. Speech Must be courageous.
2. Speech Must be virtuous.

1. Good answer! After all, how could a hero save anyone from danger if they're afraid? Alright, next question…

2. ??

1 & 2. If you found out you had super powers, would you tell anyone?
1. Speech Keep it a secret.
2. Speech Tell my loved ones.
3. Speech Tell the world!

1. Interesting! It would be pretty difficult to lie to your loved ones and closest friends. Keeps everyone safe, though! Okay last question...

2. ??

3. ??

1, 2, & 3. If you could stop a dangerous villain or let the villain go and save someone's life who would otherwise die, what would you do?
1. Speech Save a life.
2. Speech Stop the villain.

1. Good choice! You wouldn't be much of a hero if you didn't, right? Well, it's been a pleasure to meet you. Unfortunately I have to go now...

2. ??

I have a meeting with three other interested actors, but I'll certainly let your agent know if you got the role. It was great to meet you!
Speech You too. Bye!

The Scarlet Avenger
Well (Your Name), it was quite a race but I wanted to call you myself to say congratulations, you're going to be The Scarlet Avenger!

Speech Awesome!

Before you get too excited, you should know what you're in for. The Scarlet Avenger will be a big budget blockbuster trilogy…

We're shooting the films back to back, so I hope you like tights! We begin willing the Scarlet Avenger's origin story at Headley Studio in 24 hours!
1. Speech (Wait 24h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star 48

On set The Scarlet Avenger
The Scarlet Avenger's origin story is all about an everyday normal person discovering they have incredible super powers! Have fun with it!

Speech Oh, I will!

The Scarlet Avenger II
Scarlet Avenger? You're needed again! I'm just playing around, (Your Name). I had such a great time making the first film, I'm excited to start on the sequel!

Speech Me too!

Times get tough for the Scarlet Avenger in the sequel when a mysterious alien villain makes it their sole purpose to bring down the superhero!

Without a great villain, there can be no great heroes! We begin filming The Scarlet Avenger Part II at Headley Studio in 24 hours!
1. Speech (Wait 24h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star48

The Scarlet Avenger III
Hey (Your Name). It's time to dawn tights one last time in the Scarlet Avenger's final, epic battle! Are you ready to save the Earth?

Speech Of course I am!

In the final film of the trilogy, the Scarlet Avenger prepares for a showdown with the mysterious alien villain in another dimension!

We begin filming The Scarlet Avenger Part III at Headley Studio in 24 hours!
1.Speech {Wait 24h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star 48

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