An event in October 2013.


The event took place on October 25, 2013 to October 31, 2013.

Halloween is coming! Join in the fun later in October to collect Halloween props while on set to win limited-time clothing, costumes, and stars! (level 5+)


According to your agent, whenever you do a task for a film or TV project, you'll be awarded 1 of 3 different Halloween movie props.

Collecting these props can net you come exclusive Halloween costumes and stars. Receiving 5 stars will earn you bonus props, so get those 5 stars on ANY project!

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Your agent will also aid you with your quest to get props by having you film for two horror directors, Frederick J. Krueger and Annabelle P. Wilkes at Supercool Studios. Although their projects don't pay much, you will receive extra props from doing them.

Wearing the fangs will gain you double the props.


The event will last up until November 1, 2013.


One Energyenergy you use will award you one prop. If you are wearing the fangs, you will gain two props per one energy. The Candymancandy is the most common prop and the Bonesskulls are the more rarer prop to obtain.

If you get 5 Stars on any project, you will gain bonus props. The bonus props correspond to the length of the filming time (i.e. 24 hour project will give you 24 bonus props).

You can see your progress with props at the bottom of your Achievements tab.

Prop Amount Needed Reward
Candyman Candyman 400 Cash 10 Star1 XP5 Energy2
Devil HornsDevil Necklace
StarDevil Horns StarDevil Necklace
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead 420 Cash 100 Star2 XP15 Energy3
Bones Bones 260 Cash 1000 Star3 XP25 Energy5
ZombieShirt ZombiePants

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