Hank Watkinson
Gender Male
List C-List C/B-List B-List
Occupation Writer / Director

Hank Watkinson comes onto the scene for the goal Meet Hank. He wants to meet you for his upcoming project "A Foreign Affair".

His list and appearance will vary.

Background Trivia

Hank Watkinson is a first time writer and director but was given a huge deal to film the movie, "A Foreign Affair". According to Hank, "A Foreign Affair" is based off of how he and his wife met and fell in love. They had left their old jobs and been happily married since.

Related Goals


Meet Hank
Ah, (Your Name). It's a pleasure to meet you. I was delighted to hear you'll be joining A Foreign Affair. What has your agent told you about the story?

Speech Not much! Energy10
Speech (Come back later.)

Well, A Foreign Affair is a politically charged, suspenseful, dramatic romance about two people representing the interests of opposing nations.

Of course, the find love in the most inconvenient circumstance. Their jobs demand them to keep certain national secrets from each other…

Secrets which threaten to tear them apart, inciting paranoia about one another. Are they using each other? Are they truly in love? Can it last?
Speech Interesting!

Well, I'll give you a spoiler. The film is about how my wife and I met and fell in love! We left our old jobs behind and have been happily married since!

True story! The people at Golden Gate Studio love the story so much, they want to start filming in 24 hours. Are you in?
Speech (Wait 24h.)
Speech Start filming now! Star48

A Foreign Affair
This next scene is where my wife and I were stuck in an elevator together. It's a bit of an awkward scene but a very important one…

This is when I think we both realized that there was something special between us. It's all in the eyes… the looks. The Sparks.
Speech Looks. Eyes. Got it.

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