Joel Fantam
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Director

Joel Fantam first comes onto the scene as part of The Fantams, who will set you a challenge to go on 5 dates within three days. Later, you have the choice to star in his Romance, Slipped My Mind.

Background Trivia

Joel Fantam is the Director of Slipped My Mind at Golden Gate Film Studio. Joel is the older step-brother of Ethan Fantam and says their rivalry began when Ethan, wouldn't let Joel, be in his first student film.

Related Goals


The Fantams
(Your Name)! I hear you met with my brother before meeting me. What gives?

1. Speech Sorry... Energy12
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. That's okay. Meeting me after meeting him will be like an upgrade for you.

Now, I don't know what Ethan's offered you, but I can tell you that I want you for the lead in MY movie.

The only thing I'd like like you to do in preparation for the role is to go on some dates.
Speech Hm...

I want someone in the middle of their own love story. The only catch is our schedule is tight; so you'll have to get some dates done in the next few days or else I'll have to go with someone else.
Speech Okay!

That way you'll be on your game and we'll BURY my brother's film!
a. Speech Sounds good.
b. Speech Brotherly hate...

b. STEP-brotherly hate. And he deserves it! That little twerp wouldn't let me be in his first student film! Unbelievable!
Speech I see...

Anyway, the best revenge is success or something like that!

So, get out there on five dates in the next three days and you'll be my "absentminded" lead!
Speech Great!

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