This goal follows A Foreign Affair.

People Involved


Your agent will call to tell you the creator of the Scarlet Avenger just got a movie deal and he has already begun writing a trilogy of the films! Gerard Mercer is currently interviewing potential stars to play the hero and your agent has you on short list! Gerard wants to meet in person.

Task Meet Gerard Mercer at Taco Bandito

When you speak to Gerard, you have the option to:

  • 1. Speech Not at all. Energy 10
  • 2. Speech (Come back later.)

Casting the right actor for the role is really important to Gerard, so he will ask you the following questions.

What do you think is the defining character trait a hero must have? You then have the option to say:

  • 1 Speech Must be courageous
  • 2 Speech Must be virtuous

The next question he will ask you: If you found out you had super powers, would you tell anyone? You have the options to say:

  • 1 Speech Keep it a secret.
  • 2 Speech Tell my loved ones.
  • 3 Speech Tell the world!

Gerard will go on to ask you one final question: If you could stop a dangerous villain or let the villain go and save someone's life who would otherwise die, what would you do? You have the options to say:

  • 1 Speech Save a life.
  • 2 Speech Stop the villain.

Gerard will go on to say that he has to leave as he is meeting three other actors, but he will certainly let you know if you got the part.

Note: Your answers are crucial to getting the role.

Goal Reward

Cash+31 XP+23

Following Goal

Wasting Time

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