Mya Pinelli
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Writer

Mya Pinelli comes onto the scene as part of Meet Mya Pinelli, where she wants you to play the lead in her upcoming film adaption Toonworld.

Mya's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Mya Pinelli is the successful writer behind the hit children's book series, The Magical Adventures of Harriet Potter, which has now become a film series.

Related Goals


Meet Mya Pinelli
Oh, hello (Your Name)! It's so wonderful to meet you. I'm Mya Pinelli.

1. Speech Pleased to meet you! Energy10
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Well aren't you just lovely? I'm so glad we could meet. You strike me as someone who still has a sense of child like imagination and wonder... Since you're going to be the star of Toonworld that's very important! So let me tell you a little bit about what you're in for...

The film will be mostly animated, with the exception of your character. You play the protagonist, Morgan Quinn. A talented young animator... In the story, Morgan is brought into the land of cartoons by a powerful wizard. Toonworld is in danger and Morgan is to be their savior!
Speech Sounds fantastic!

Would you like to hear more about the story, or have you heard enough and want to get to work?
a. Speech (Hear more.)
b. Speech (Get to work.)

a. Very well then. Where was I... Oh yes! Toonworld is being destroyed by an evil creature called Lord Blotch and his Inking minions. Inkings look like blobs of black ink, oozing over everything they encounter, intent on turning the entire world into darkness! Morgan and a cast of colorful cartoon friends must quest to find the golden paintbrush of imagination, with which Morgan can save Toonworld!
Speech What an adventure!

Let's begin the adventure, shall we? There might even be a sequel one day! Filming begins in 12 hours at Headley Studio.
1a. Speech (Wait 12h.)
2a. Speech Start filming now! Star24

I just can't wait for the big scene where your character Morgan finally gets the Golden Paintbrush! That's when all the fun REALLY begins...

The Golden Paintbrush lets Morgan use the power of imagination to create anything and ultimately, that's what saves Toonworld - Morgan's imagination.
Speech Cool!

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