Poppy Neusom
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Teacher

Poppy Neusom comes onto the scene as part of Gab Fest, where  you meet Poppy at Jay Gabby's party at Cecil's Castle in Las Vegas. Later, you will meet Poppy again as part of Get it Poppin' where Jay Gabby asks you to convince to Poppy to see his film.

Poppy's appearance varies among players.

Background Trivia

Poppy Neusom went to school with you and has known Jay Gabby since she was a child. She doesn't generally like parties and doesn't care for movies, but will do anything to help a friend. 

Related Goals


Gab Fest
(Your Name), is that you?

Speech Yes...?

It's me, Poppy Neusom. We went to school together.
Speech Oh, hi!

What are you doing here?
Speech (Explain.)

I guess everyone wants to get close to the host of this party.
Speech Yes.

I'm just here as a favor to a friend. I don't generally like these kinds of parties.
Speech Oh.

But it's nice to see you. Hopefully I'll see you again soon.
Speech You too.

Get it Poppin'
(Your Name), what are you doing here?

1. Speech (Tell truth.) Energy13
2. Speech (Lie.) Energy13

1. Well, I'm sorry you went through all the trouble but I just don't care for movies.
Speech (Convince her.)

Okay, if it means that much to you I'll go see the movie.
Speech Thanks.

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