Sami Pizzicatti
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Writer / Director

Sami Pizzicatti comes onto the scene as part of Meet Sami, where she wants to meet you to discuss the role in the Frosty two-parter.

Background Trivia

Sami is one part of the creative duo behind all the animated films the kids rave so much about these days. Both Shiro Liu and Sami Pizzicatti are the creators behind Cold Age, Fish Tale, HAL-E and the Frosty two-parter!

Sami will be your co-star in Frosty - Part I.

Related Goals


Meet Sami
Hello, (Your Name)! I'm Sami Pizzicatti. It's a pleasure to meet you. Shiro and I are both fans of your work.

We're really excited to work with you on our new two-part animated film, Frosty!
1. Speech I'm excited too! Energy10
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Shiro and I co-wrote the script for Frosty, which is a beautiful and very funny fairy tale set in a far, far away kingdom where it's summer all year long...

In the story, a cruel witch curses the kingdom with a winter chill that grows colder every year! You'll play our hero, naturally.

Together with a band of hilarious characters, you'll quest to restore the kingdom before the witch manages to freeze everyone you love, forever!
Speech Sounds fantastic!

I'll direct you for all the motion capture work for both Frosty: Part I and Frosty: Part II, Shiro will handle all the vocal direction in New York.

Once we have all the motion capture and vocals finished. Shiro and I will edit everything together in time for the release dates.

We'll need you to work quickly, so I hope you're feeling limber! We'll begin motion capture for Frosty I and II in 12 hours!
1. Speech (Wait 12h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star24

Frosty - Part I
We're only recording the motion capture for the animation, but I want you to fully act out every scene. Ready?

Speech You got it!

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