Sarah Vandalay
Gender Female
List E-List E-List
Occupation Bartender

Sarah Vandalay will be behind the bar at Wasted in The Neighborhood.

Background Trivia

Sarah is the punk bartender at Wasted who will serve a drink in-between her cleaning glasses. Buying a beverage from Sarah will cost Cash5 and in exchange she will share information about people who are currently in the bar.

Related Goals


All Work and No Play
What can I get ya?

1.SpeechA drink. CashXP+1
2.Speech Nothing.

1.Sure thing. Hey! Check it out: That's (Friendly Actor). You know... from The Static Universe Theory.

2.Okay. Hey! Check it out: That's (Friendly Actor). You know... from The Static Universe Theory.

And that dude with the ponytail is an agent Arnie. He comes in from time to time. He pays his tab from time to time, too.
Speech Thanks.

What can I get ya?

1.SpeechA Drink. Cash5
2.Speech Nothing.

1. Here ya go. Anything else?
a. Speech (Gossip.) XP+1
b. Speech No, thanks.

Friend Response

a. Well, (GC/FB Friend Name) over there's a friend, if you find that interesting. I don't.
Speech Thanks

Flannery, I Presume
Hey... are you lookin' for somebody?

Speech Yes... Energy6
Some guy named Flannery?
Speech Yes...
He told me to tell you to go to The Silver Shellfish. He'll be waiting for you there. He didn't like the food options here. And by "food options," I mean that the kitchen is closed.
1. Speech (Give tip.) Cash10
2. Speech (Leave.)

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