This goal follows Making Lemonade

People Involved


After speaking to Shirley Lemon , you will notice that both your Rival and Marcus Rae are now available to speak to.

  • Task Speak to (Rival) at the party
  • Task Speak to Marcus Rae at the party

You must speak to your Rival first before you can talk to Marcus Rae.  Afterwards, speak to Marcus.

When you speak to Marcus Rae say you will want to tell him you are an Aspiring actor, Yes!, or Aspiring anyway... for some XPXP and a chance to audition for The Big Screen.

If you threw the drink at your rival, Shirley Lemon will be disappointed in you. If you made amends, she is happy to meet you and thinks your rival had a little too much to drink. This does not affect any outcome.

Goal Reward

Cash+5 XP+5

+1,184 fans

Following Goals

That Went Well
On the Big Screen

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