This goal follows Starfly.

People Involved


Don't kick off your boots yet! Ethan will call to tell you that he is already getting prepared for Starfly II! Your agent will call when the script is available.

You have the options to say:

  • Speech (Wait 24h.)
  • Speech Start filming now! Star48

Ethan will be on set.


Starfly II
(Property of Headley Studio)

Line 1: You alien bastard. You tricked us!

Line 2: No treasure... No ship... I've had better days.

Time Limit: Time1 24 Hours
Genre: Futuristic Sci-fi
Energy Cost: Energy 370
Blue StarsBlueStar 320

Available Actions
film scene Energy 1 Cash 5 None
lighting check Energy 2 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 2 Film Tech FilmTech
check the gate Energy 1 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar10 Professional Professional
grab a coffee Energy 2 XP3 BlueStar1 Foodie Foodie
prepare for arc shot Energy 2 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 2 Film Tech FilmTech
take one Energy 3 Cash 10 XP 1 BlueStar 1 None
use robotic prop Energy 3 Cash 5 XP 2 BlueStar 3 None
marvel at alien wonder Energy 4 Cash 15 XP 1 BlueStar 3 None
do a scene together Energy5 Cash10 BlueStar5 Energy1 None
take two Energy 5 Cash 10 XP 2 BlueStar 3 None
find fake pointed ears Energy 5 Cash 5 XP 3 BlueStar 3 Futuristic Futuristic
take three Energy 7 Cash15 XP3 BlueStar6 ProfessionalProfessional
throw tantrum Energy 8 XP 10 BlueStar 5 Dramatic Dramatic
practice alien language Energy 8 Cash 20 XP 1 BlueStar 8 Futuristic Futuristic

That's a Wrap!
Starfly II will premiere in 24:00:00.

5Stars: Cash+? XP+?

Goal Rewards

Cash+2000 XP+290

Following Goal

Starfly III

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