Taylor Massey
Gender Male/Female
List C-List C-List
Occupation Cable TV Actor/Actress

Taylor Massey comes onto the scene as part of the Order #996 in 2 mins. where you are working a shift at Starbeans and you take Massey's order. You may either networkBlueStar or flirtHeart with them after you get their order.

Massey's appearance, gender and genre of cable TV varies from game to game.

Background Trivia

Taylor Massey is a Cable TV Actor/Actress who always finds it nice to meet a fan. They was a caterer before they became an actor/actress and believe it never hurts to help unless you are a cartoon cat...

Related Goals


Order #996 in 2 mins.

Speech (Introduce yourself.)

Nice to meet you, (your name). I'm Taylor Massey.
1. Speech The actor? XP+3Cash+8
2. Speech What can I get you?

1. Oh... yeah. You recognized my sitcom, Stuck in San Quentin, I guess. It's always nice to meet a fan... I hope you're a fan.
Speech What can I get you?

2. I'll have a cappuccino, please.
Speech Coming right up.

An Expedited Order

1. Speech No problem.
2. flirtHeart
3. networkBlueStar

2. Caffiene and a number? Great! Maybe we can go out sometime...
Speech Sure!

3. I feel for you! When I first came out here I was a caterer. I'll see what I can do; it never hurts to help... Unless you're a cartoon cat, I suppose.
Speech Thanks!

Thanks a lot!
Speech Bye!

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