Ted Croon
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Movie Star

Ted Croon comes onto the scene in Ted Talk.

Ted's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Ted Croon is loved by ladies and isn't really a "big perfume guy".

Related Goals


Ted Talk
So you want me to endorse your perfume line?

1. Speech That's right. Energy6
2. Speech (come back later)

1. You know, I'm not really a big perfume guy.
a. Speech Understood.
b. Speech Try mine.

a. But I'll be happy to help you out if you do something for me.
b. The truth is, even if I like it I won't do this for free.

a. Speech Like what?
b. Speech What can I do?

a. I need someone to play the villain in my latest movie.
b. Funny you should ask. I need someone to play the villain in my latest movie.

Speech What movie?
It's called Super Dupers. Have you done any action movies?
A. Speech Yes.
B. Speech No.

A. Then you'll be perfect for it. So what do you say?
Speech Start filming now! Star16
Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

B. ?

Launch Time
Nice party!

1. Speech Thanks. Energy6
2. Speech (Back away)

1. You know, I've really enjoyed working with you.
Speech That's great.
Maybe we should do a movie together sometime.
Speech Okay.
I think I know just the project. I'll be in touch.
Speech Okay.

2. ?

So, that perfume. Is it supposed to smell like that?
Speech I think so.
Speech ...

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