This goal follows Yuk it Up.

People Involved


Chaz Palmer has some news about Rick/Martha Graves.

You have the choice to keep or leak the information you get.

If you keep it, you will get a call from Rick/Martha Graves, who will ask you to give him the information dug about him which requires Energy6. After that, you will Arnie will call and you will proceed to film Toys on Parade which requires an 8 hour waiting time.

If you leak it you will get a call from Lew Wise. He'll ask you to explain the news blast about Rick/Martha Graves. You have the choice to charm him or explain. If you explain he'll say you're not the right person for the role in Toys on Parade. However, later Arnie will call you and say that director Jack Urban wants you for his next crime movie.

Goal Reward

Cash+26 XP+21

Following Goal

Keep itToy Parade

Leak it

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