Trevor Brinksley
Trevor Brinksley
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Assistant
Talk Show Host

Trevor Brinksley first comes onto the scene as part of The Lesser Media, where Brinksley interviews you. Later, you have the opportunity to appear on Trevor's talk show as part of Interview.

Background Trivia

Trevor Brinksley works for Star News as Ray Powers' assistant-slash-protege. Brinksley's job entails interviewing Ray's brush offs of lower rank celebrities, but of course Powers takes the credit for them. Trevor is also the host of The Brinksley Program which is filmed in Las Vegas.

Related Goals


The Lesser Media
Hey... you're (Your Name), aren't you? Hi! I'm Trevor... Trevor Brinksley... of... from... Starnews!

Could I maybe... if you're not busy... just... grab a word with you?
1. Speech Sure! Energy3
2. Speech I don't think so.
3. Speech (Come back later.)

Great! Great! Okay... let me... I think I have some notes...

Can you give me any hot stories... or... or... gossip... maybe about your feud with (Rival)... to report on?

My reports are generally near the end of the show when fewer people are watching, but...
1. Speech (Gossip about (Rival).)
2. Speech (Talk about yourself.)

1. Is that true? Of course... I'm... it is.

2. The Break? That's a movie? I'm... of course it is. Well... best of luck when it starts... being made!

Can you tell me anything about... making Hawaii Po'?
a. Speech one time...
b. Speech I don't think so.

a. That's... a laugh riot! Well... I won't take up anymore of... of... your time, (Your Name). Thanks for talk... um... chatting with me.
Speech No problem!

b. Oh... I thought you said... but I was... okay, then.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Small-time Interview
(Your Name)! Nice to... good to see you again!

1. SpeechGood to see you Energy8
2. Speech(Come back later.)

1. I'd like to begin... to start with your experience on the set of The Break. I'm told... mostly because I'm not... I can't get an interview with... M. Edward Hacker can be difficult to work with. Did he have any odd requests or... tasks for you to... do?
a. Speech(Berate Hacker.)
b. Speech(Glorify Hacker.)
c. SpeechNo comment.

a. He sounds... sounds... terrible.

b. I had bad information! He sounds like... like... he's really good to work for.

c. ?

But... um... how were your co-stars? Cassandra Skillings, for instance?
a. Speech(Berate Skillings.)
b. Speech(Compliment Skillings.)
c. SpeechNo comment.

a. ?

b. That's... that's good to hear!

c. ?

And are you happy with the final product... the movie?
a. Speech(Be modest.)
b. SpeechIt's a masterpiece!
c. SpeechNo comment.

a. I'm sure everyone will... will love it.

b. You're very confident. I'm sure everyone will... will love it.

c. ?

Thanks... thank you for your time, (Name).
SpeechNo problem.

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