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People Involved

  • Agent


At your agent's office, they tell you that he has got you a role in the psychological drama Two Parts of Me, you'll play the role as twins, one is a cop and the other is a killer. Filming starts 12 hours.

Task Wait for call; film Two Parts of Me


Two Parts of Me
(Property of Supercool Studio)

Line 1: So...I'

Line 2: But that means... no! No!

Time Limit: Time1 12 Hours
Genre: Dramatic Drama
Energy Cost: Energy ?
Blue StarsBlueStar 190

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene Energy 1 Cash5 None
check the gate Energy 1 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar10 Professional
dramatic pause Energy 2 XP3 BlueStar1 Dramatic
grab prop Energy 2 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar2 TV Tech
dramatically lean on bookcase Energy 3 Cash5 XP2 BlueStar3 Dramatic
take a break Energy 4 Cash15 XP 1 BlueStar4 Vanity
take two Energy 5 Cash10 XP2 BlueStar3 None
do a scene together Energy 5 Cash10 XP4 BlueStar4 Energy1 None
take three Energy 7 Cash15 XP3 BlueStar6 Professional
throw tantrum Energy 8 XP10 BlueStar5 Dramatic
practice subtle looks Energy 8 Cash30 XP1 BlueStar7 The Look
tear-filled ending Energy 12 Cash25 BlueStar11 Dramatic

That's a Wrap!
Two Parts of Me will premiere in 12:00:00.

5Stars: Cash+6015 XP+150 Star+1

Goal Rewards

Cash75 XP10

Following Goal

The Wooden Cuckoo

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